They come back

Sie kommen zurück

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They come back
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In my book "Successful treatment of cancer in dogs" I write that I believe in rebirth and soul migration in all living beings. As a result of this statement, I have received several emails over the years from readers describing their experiences with reborn pets. I continued to follow this topic with joy and common sense and found stories and testimonies on the internet, in magazines, books and newspapers. The book was born from this search.

This book

… shows by 30 poignant authentic reports that life for our pets continues after death

… gives hope and consolation to all who mourn the loss of their beloved animal

… introduces you to people who are convinced that their animal has come back to them after its death

… was written with love, passion and expertise

… contains factual reports of varying origin

… sees itself as a service to animals

… answers the question of where our pets go

… can positively change your life and thinking

… gives a new perspective on all living beings in the world

… makes you wonder, laugh and weep